It's pretty simple...

DesignClass is climate positive

Our mission is to foster curious & creative confidence. We believe that one of the most basic and common sense ways we can help do this is by being good stewards of the environment. 

We aren't a big company but we do travel a lot in the creation and production of each DesignClass. These flights and car trips add up quickly and soon represent a carbon impact that is not only possible to counterbalance but is also our duty to. 

We want to set a precedence for future generations of designers, architects, artists, and generally people who love using fancy words like biomimicry.  Much like we do. 😊🌲🌲

🌲 We plant a tree with every DesignClass sale. 🌲 

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

What is climate positive?

Beyond Carbon Neutral

Climate positive means that we go beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions to create an environmental benefit by removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than we produce.
Climate Positive DesignClass

What is our footprint?

7.3 tons of CO2

Our carbon footprint is the kg CO2 emitted to create each DesignClass and run our business. We've estimated that because of the extensive travel required to film classes we need to offset about 7.3 tons of CO2 every 6 months to be climate positive.
DesignClass carbon footprint

What are we doing about it?

Planting hundreds of trees

In order to offset our carbon footprint, go net-zero, and remove additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere we have teamed up with Ecologi to become a Climate Positive business.
Ecologi with DesignClass

Will you join us?

Every DesignClass sold = 1 Tree Planted

"We have baked sustainability into the core of our business by pledging to plant a tree, through Ecologi, everytime a DesignClass is sold." — Josh Sanabria, CEO, DesignClass
Josh Sanabria, CEO, DesignClass