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What has me really excited is the strong recognition that architects come from different backgrounds. This is the first time I've seen this included in an educational platform for architecture and I think it's about time.

Joseph B.

As someone starting off from scratch with IDP hours and the ARE, this Guide is perfect for someone like me. It will provide the info I need to study while not draining the joy out of my life.

Josh S.

I'm excited to be part of this and see how it can be a great tool for people to study for the ARE and become licensed.

Ashleigh W.

You've given me some confidence to start over. I appreciate the examples and all the tips. Good luck on everything!

Amine K.

Loved this deep-dive into the backstory and inner workings of East Fork. The content provided a lot of thought-provoking questions that can serve as guidance for those straddling the hobby/business line.

Yael G.

It's cool that you'll learn from cartoons and animations. This seems much better than reading a book that has no character.

Emily C.

This guide looks like something I would actually use to study. It's so different from everything else out there.

Shayer R.

DesignClass is an amazing platform. It feels very personal and authentic. It's different than other websites that are only about content, DesignClass is about people and community.

Jeremy M.