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Magdalena Mojsa

ID: 917

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ID: 917
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In Project 2, we designed a pop up shop for a specific product of our choice in which I chose Toymail. Toymail is a device that allows kids to communicate through a digital walkie talkie while receiving messages using a corresponding application. The product is meant to be a communication device with the same functions as a toy to play with, and enables children to keep in touch with their loved ones.
Within my pop up shop, I created life size monsters to represent the product on a larger scale and to scale up the experience of Toymail. I created a playground theme for kids and their parents to interact with, and the idea is for the monsters to be placed in school playgrounds and become contemporary “message boards” where a record of the friend messages are projected on the monsters based on the history of the conversations from the product itself.

Because we are living in a time where social distancing is taken into precautions, children aren’t able to interact in an open space like they used to with their friends and family at school and parks. The product itself falls into those standards and children can communicate while in quarantine. It was once a device to enable one on one conversations and is now introduced in a “communal” aspect. The memory monster board serves these purposes. The idea is to connect moments created during quarantine, and go through the memory lane when we can socially gather once again.

The technology takes place within the monsters themselves and information is transported to display messages on the inside walls as they flip through a “slideshow” of various conversations. It can work as an “isolated” experience as the monsters themselves create a more quiet environment, rather than the chaos it creates around it. The idea is to have something to look back at during those tough times and how it brought us closer when we reconnect once again. It becomes a communal gift once school is back in session and also a destination to walk by during the lockdown.

Magdalena MojsaMagdalena MojsaMagdalena MojsaMagdalena Mojsa

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