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Reyha Mete

ID: 915

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ID: 915
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Did you ever put yourself in the position of an essential worker during this pandemic? How about health care workers? Their commitment to work comes with a heavy psychological burden, that their many hours in hospitals could harm them and even their families. They care so much for helping individuals and their loved ones, they forget how important it is to take care of themselves during these difficult times. The Pop-Up Juice bar is a way of creating a new humane and supportive environment that activates the untapped power of the outdoors to empower, heal, and rejuvenate.

It is an experience designed as a refuge for health care workers from their stressed minds and selves. Whether it is a way to start off or end the day, nutritious food and an environment that connects one to nature is a healthier option and serves as an alternative that will help one better cope with life’s challenges, particularly in the age of covid. As you walk into the space, you notice the walls lined with dreamy greenery surrounding you and with each step you take, comes a feeling of relief.

The simple act of breathing in this space centers you and you’re more mindful of what you see, what you hear, and what you feel. You watch the plants rotate slowly above you, reminding you of the cycle you go through everyday. Yet this peaceful environment distracts you from your worries, emptying your mind, refocusing you as to how those once empty moments can be refilled with things that can nourish and rejuvenate. Pulling down your mask for the first time after hours and taking a sip of your juice as the sun shines on you, is nothing but rewarding.  You finally feel a sense of control and a self. A simple moment can motivate people to take action in their lives to support their health, practice fierce self-care, and to be loving to their bodies.  Although it might be just a couple of minutes, this space serves as an escape from it all.

Reyha MeteReyha MeteReyha MeteReyha Mete

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