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Abhinav Ramesh

ID: 911

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ID: 911
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In the time of pandemic sweeping us like a sudden storm, it proved that we were not ready for such conditions. In such critical times, where thousands have lost their lives, staying at home, being healthy and social distancing has been our top priority. Millions have lost their jobs, livelihoods, being away from loved ones at home and slowly spiralling into depression. Almost everyone moved to the digital era of communication in terms of work, education and connecting with family. Technology has become our best friend to stay connected with the outside world.

Emotions have taken over us even if we tried hard to avoid it. The question is how to make people free from the mental burden of these uncertain times and refocus.

Pixels is an interactive object that focuses on engaging families and friends who are isolated and away from home.

The device allows users to create patterns and hand drawn messages through light pixels made of LED matrix. Once the pattern is recorded, it sends a call to action to a family or friend who has the same device, through IoT. That person would not recieve the entire pattern but only a part of the message. Through those clues, the user registers a new pattern onto the device. Once the patterns are completed, the device merges both the messages together to create a unique light art. This paves way to numerous possibilities of outcome such that the users stay engaged.

The design draws inspiration from Exquisite corpse, a parlour game invented by surrealists to enrich and engage people through creativity and collaboration.

The base of the cube consists of acrylic bars of different heights which is also lit up by another LED matrix connected to the user's input. The light patterns start to become more dynamic creating a fun and playful visual experience.

The intent of the device is to bring about a collaborative experience where we stop engaging on our laptop and phone screens for a while in our day and break free from the cacophony of negativity, stress and anxiety that this pandemic has caused.

The form of the design represents an incomplete cube with the void in the center, that attains closure through the power of human connection.

Abhinav RameshAbhinav RameshAbhinav RameshAbhinav Ramesh

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