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Coronavirus Design Competition

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Valeria Mier y Teran

ID: 910

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ID: 910
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Meeting ° Point

In the current pandemic times, due to the severe restrictions preventing the spread of the virus, finding comfort in our beloved people´s arms becomes impossible. However this intimate relations are a necessity of vital importance for keeping high hopes and spirits in present difficult moments which have become prejudicial for mental health. Long distance communication does not reach nor capture the reactions and the very essence of people.
This pavilion arises from this longing for closeness and person- to- person contact with beloved ones. Its main purpose is to create a unique space for safe reencounters where people get to meet each other in person without any risk of contagion.
The main idea to achieve this is to create a pavilion with several corridor alternatives that cross from one side to the other without touching the other paths which are divided by translucent colored plastic curtains.This allows people to see and speak with their loved ones and even feel their contact through the material, but without allowing the virus to pass through it and thus stay protected, but in contact.
Corridors would be multicolored and each color would evolve into another along the path so that the unique experience unfolds in a joyful environment in which new shades are generated as a result of plane superposition, this is also a way of disassociating completely from cold hospital environments.
The corridor material consists of curtains made out of transparent plastic, which are virus impenetrable and can be easily disinfected. In addition, an integrated sprinkler system would sanitize the each tunnel and its guests at the arrival gates avoiding any virus hazard.
The project consists of 4 main components: (1) a scaffolding structure with multidirectional joints, allowing a “roof” grid to be formed, attached to it (2) curved attached rails for the (3) plastic curtains that reach the floor and are secured to it with (4) another set of rails equal to those on the top grid.
In the present times of confinement and solitude, a versatile space suited for communal shared enjoyment without any virus exposure is a very attractive proposal. This pandemic will dramatically change the way we live, nevertheless, intimacy and close interpersonal relationships must prevail due to its crucial role for humanity, digitalizing them is not an option.

Valeria Mier y TeranValeria Mier y TeranValeria Mier y TeranValeria Mier y Teran

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