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Coronavirus Design Competition

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Leonardo Fernandes Dias

ID: 906

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ID: 906
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R.I.P - Requiescat in Pace

To Remember. To Inform. To Protect.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected billions of lives worldwide, physically, mentally, economically, politically and it is just the beginning. A virus paralyzed the whole world in a few months and changed the way we live forever. Many lives have been lost and our future is uncertain.

To help all of us go through this in a less traumatic way, we can do three things: Remember those who we lost, Inform ourselves about the virus and Protect ourselves with hygiene manners. The design proposed seeks to do these three important things at the same time.

To Remember.
We know that this pandemic is not over, and we don’t know how it’s going to end but day after day we see statistics grow. It’s not just numbers, and we can’t wait all this end to honor and remember those who have lost their lives so far. That’s why our urban kiosk has four big LED panels that will screen photos of people that died with Covid 19. This is going to be a memorial for all those who lost someone.

To Inform:
The LED screens of the module will also have an important task of inform people about everything related to the virus and measures taken by authorities. It can be used to teach people how to use masks, to call attention to social distance and so much more.

To Protect:
We know that one of the best things to do to protect ourselves and other is to use alcohol gel or wash our hands. The first one is expansive but the second is hard to get access when you are out of home. That’s why the design offers water and soap to anyone washes your hands. Like an urban kiosk, the single module can be placed in several spots like pathways and the four module for bigger spaces like a square or park.

Leonardo Fernandes DiasLeonardo Fernandes DiasLeonardo Fernandes DiasLeonardo Fernandes Dias

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