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Owen P.

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ID: 905
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Fantasy Fishing Unlimited will be a fishing game that connects players and is able to end quarantine boredom, all while keeping people at a safe distance. The game will be in the form of an app, which is downloadable from people’s mobile devices. The app is free but will contain in-app purchases. Within the game, there will be two modes: arcade and competitive.The mainframe mode in Fantasy Fishing Unlimited will be a virtual fishing experience that utilizes the mobile phone, called “arcade mode”.

This mode will allow players to catch fish at locations all over the world. Within this mode, there will be around 30 main fishing locations, and each spot will be pre-loaded with the main species of fish living there. Players will be able to use various reeling techniques and lures to catch certain species of fish. The controls of the game revolve around a player's two thumbs. Each thumb will be able to control a virtual joystick, one controlling the reel, and the other the rod. With these controls, players will be able to reel in fish, control the action of the lure, and also cast the line. As a player advances in this mode, they will become able to unlock new gear, unlock new species and fishing spots, and level up. In addition, an in-game currency called “tokens” will be present, and these “tokens” are able to be used to purchase new tackle, new spots, and new lures.

While Arcade mode is a rather basic concept, the competitive mode adds groundbreaking elements and mechanics to a normal mobile game. The competitive game mode follows some of the same concepts as fantasy football. Players in this mode are able to join their own custom made league, which would be filled with friends or associates of the player’s choice, who live in the same region. Then, players within the custom league then would each enter a certain amount of the in-game currency, or “tokens”, and everyone in their specific league would compete to win this prize pool. But, instead of fishing within the app, players would actually go fishing in real life. This whole mode runs on a point system: certain fish are worth a certain number of points depending on their rarity, in addition, the amount of fish and different species also weighs in on the number of points made.

After a catch has been made, a player is able to take a photo of it through the app, which ensures there is no cheating, which would be rare as tournaments would happen between friends. During the Coronavirus, most people are forced to stay inside. But, fishing is a relatively safe and easy activity, which thrives with social distancing, as people generally don’t get close to each other. Fantasy Fishing Unlimited incentivizes going outdoors when most people are stuck inside. Lastly, this app is a perfect way to cure boredom, as fishing is an enjoyable activity for many people.

Owen P.Owen P.Owen P.Owen P.

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