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Aishwarya Pagar

ID: 899

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ID: 899
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Covid-19 has affected many lives across the globe, be it physically, mentally, emotionally or economically. For many, each day is a struggle and no one knows the how long this pandemic will last. For people who are away from their families and friends this has been especially acute.  Those living in different locations to their loved ones often feel that they miss out and do not have their usual daily routines of study or work to keep them busy or divert their attention. Missing out on special events and occasions is normally difficult, but lock-downs due to Covid-19 make it even worse.
My concept is for the people who away from their home country, Family, relatives, and their loved ones. When you are away you tend to miss out on lot of festivities, occasions and events of your closed ones and then it makes you feel homesick or lonely, depressed and starts hampering your mental and emotional quotient.
So how can we fix this?
“The Connect” lets you experience virtual festivities and important events. We curate experiences that enable people to feel involved without being there in person. For example, an international student from India living in New Zealand can experience the much loved festival of Holi (also known as festival colors and joy) at home. Using a curated box sent in the mail and/or digital tools, through colors, simple recipes, sweets, music, virtual meetings and experiences the user will not miss out on the vibrancy of Holi.
“The Connect” will work with local communities and businesses to develop authentic experiences for users across the globe. This in a way also helps support the local businesses during the pandemic.

Aishwarya PagarAishwarya PagarAishwarya PagarAishwarya Pagar

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