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Saredys Marte

ID: 897

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ID: 897
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Social distancing has made one thing completely undeniable.
We need each other. Even if it's just a harmless get together, spending time with loved ones is very important, especially in a scary time like this.

Has it been a little too long since you stepped outside?  
Is it a challenge to get out of bed because time no longer has meaning?
Has it been a while since you’ve seen your friends and loved ones?
Is our modern day reality a little too dystopian and depressing?

Well fear not!  Downlaod the Social Distancing-Social Club video game on any platform and escape into a digital world of color and fun!
Create your very own avatar, meet up with friends, family, or even strangers in the club lobby. (Don’t worry, no one can spread the *virus* in a virtual world )
Go through hundreds of different game portals made by both players and developers alike and play till you start to forget what’s real and what’s fake anymore...

Do you have a birthday coming up but can’t celebrate it due to social distancing       regulations?
Invite as many people as your internet connection can handle and step through the party simulator portal and pretend like nothing is going on in the real world!
(You may need practice first since it’s been so long since you’ve spoken to something other than your pet)

The Social Distancing-Social Club game experience works hard to make sure you’re still able to feel some type of human connection no matter what happens out there.
Just log on and have as much fun as you need to.

Saredys MarteSaredys MarteSaredys MarteSaredys Marte

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