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Coronavirus Design Competition

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Xi Chen, Xiangyu Wang

ID: 892

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ID: 892
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The COVID-19 pandemic that swept the world recently has brought new challenges to professions in design industry. In this proposal, we are committed to using the design to bring a positive impact psychologically and physically to the people and cities affected by the epidemic.

In this epidemic, the virus showed extremely strong human-to-human transmission capability and it is especially suitable for spreading through the air. That is to say, people are very easy to contact and be infected by the virus in regular social activities if no protection is being employed .

Social distancing has been proven to be one of the most effective prevention measures, such as keeping at least 6 feet away from others in public places, staying at home as much as possible, etc. Inevitably, social life and entertainment has been affected and the economy has also been severely damaged. Although the Internet allows people in isolation to communicate with each other. The depression caused by long-term isolation from outdoor activities still makes people extremely eager to go out for social events while being fearing the virus.

In global crisis like this, we try to find an effective way to slow down the spread of the virus while maintaining the normal operation of social life and production to the greatest extent. Our product intends to use the change of the colour of the LED light pads to trace people's movement in a certain space, so as to visualize the "safe distance". This not only keeps the public space open to a some extent, but also reduces the risk of people coming into contact with the virus.

The product consists of a wood structural framing, a rubber backing board, a flexible pressure sensor, a sensor processor and a 1’x1’ colour-changing LED panel. The product will be installed on the existing ground in various public spaces. People walk on this floor assembly and the area reached by the footprint will be presented specific colour (colour can be set by demand) within the range of 6 feet centered on the person. The colour of the light board gradually disappears after the person leaves the area and returns to the original state, indicating that the area is safe to walk on. Users will be able to identify the safe area by looking at the colour of the floor to formulate their own route and determine whether they maintain a safe distance from others by the boundary defined by the colour. The processor matrix makes the colour display coordinated between each LED panel. The modular design allows the product to be deployed quickly when needed. The interactive design will become a featured cityscape in non-epidemic periods.

Xi Chen, Xiangyu WangXi Chen, Xiangyu WangXi Chen, Xiangyu WangXi Chen, Xiangyu Wang

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