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Yasemin Turkcan

ID: 885

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ID: 885
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Pop-Up Park  
Good Design meets Sustainability

With the pandemic shaking our world, Studio Corelam’s Tidal Collection needed to pivot from a traditional enclosed mall experience to one that references and respects social distancing and social consciousness.  Taking the exhibit experience outdoors enables the visitor to experience the roots of the product (timber) in both an exterior venue and through a virtual reality tool accessed via an app on the visitor’s device, the brand provides fun activities like a treasure hunt through Central Park as well as uncovering an eye-catching insta moment. Central Park is a great urban location in which to promote this product/experience. Combining wellness and fun - the venue relates to the design aesthetic and the product.

Customers have a chance to win 10% off of their first order when they participate in the treasure hunt which will be sited throughout Central Park.  Hunting for the 5 different cap colors of the stool and taking a picture with their phone of the QR code printed on the stool, the game represents a touchless experience, promoting social distancing. Once the photo is taken from the QR code another clue will appear to find the next cap. The treasure hunt will end at the big Corelam branded tree sculpture,  which was the main design element of the original Pop-Up shop. Using the app, potential customers can also take pictures of their interior space and place a stool from the Tidal collection into that interior view, allowing them to get a better understanding of how the furniture will relate to their space

A minimalistic approach that incorporates natural and sustainable materiality will drive the design. In line with the used materials of the brands’ furnishings, the design will be light and airy, reminding customers of the beauty and remarkable work of nature. Rhythm and repetition of natural elements will be in harmony with the Central Park location, while curvilinear shapes from the lanterns and stool caps will juxtapose to the linear branches of the “Corelam Tree” creating contrast and variety. Consumers will be able to enjoy a touchless experience here as well as taking pictures of the QR code which will be printed on the hanging stool caps. Once the picture is taken, customers will be given information about the company, product, sustainability, as well as a quick feedback request. To keep the idea of being sustainable the top of the branches will be covered with solar panels which will be linked to the LED lanterns.

Yasemin TurkcanYasemin TurkcanYasemin TurkcanYasemin Turkcan

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