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Hala Taher, Yasmina Abi Mahmuoud, Mahmoud Fahs, Nour Abdelbaki

ID: 884

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ID: 884
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The Earth's resources have depleted and all that remains is us. Part of us. It's not the same, and living has become a cumbersome burden. The reality of existence that we took for granted has become almost a fantasy and what we are left with is traces of what kept us alive.
Second Skin.Water.Air.
Our air has transformed to poison, our water dry, our food negligible and our second skin more sacred than ever. Reckless human behavior has left us helpless, and we’re looking for our salvation. Something should have been done when Earth raised all its red flags, but we ignored it. Despite the slow deterioration of the four crucial elements, we weren’t alarmed. Until now. This is the voice of the future that would aid us through this dilemma. Based on these elements, we have created artificial life support to sustain our livelihood. These contraptions are adapted to the new reality where nature can no longer provide. Since the street level air has become completely unbreathable, we need to go to new heights to fetch our oxygen, and since our rivers and lakes have dried up to the last drop, we are our new water suppliers. The over consumption of food over the years has almost depleted our supply and therefore we now very conscious about our intake, careful with our rations. And as chaos and viruses swept through the people, we have resorted to social distancing to ensure our safety.

When the earth crisis got much worse and each individual had to fend for his/herself, self-isolating and single initiatives were the only means of survival. It was more evident that the scale of impact has grown from the smallest point, us, to the collective planet. Now the reverse has occurred, and the planet is enforcing a different life on us. Our hope was in body extensions that salvaged the last traces of nature that we tampered with greatly. To each individual his/her means of survival, to each body its extensions.

We introduce to you our products:
1.DISK-ONNECT (Second Skin)
2.HYDRO WALK (Water)

Hala Taher, Yasmina Abi Mahmuoud, Mahmoud Fahs, Nour AbdelbakiHala Taher, Yasmina Abi Mahmuoud, Mahmoud Fahs, Nour AbdelbakiHala Taher, Yasmina Abi Mahmuoud, Mahmoud Fahs, Nour AbdelbakiHala Taher, Yasmina Abi Mahmuoud, Mahmoud Fahs, Nour Abdelbaki

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