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Luise Entrich, Victor Alonso, Barrueto Reyes

ID: 883

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ID: 883
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Being confronted with a pandemic means being confronted with adapting to new conditions. The way we live and work is changing personal life in the way we look at human relationships and space. Our partner has become the only person we are in physical contact with and our apartment is our everything now.
In times of home office, the line between private space and work space almost vanishes and becomes one. Our apartments become permanent work stations, which drastically changes the at-home-atmosphere. This often comes with a change of the mental state.
Modern apartments tend to have one space that combines kitchen, living room and dining room. Now it adds a work space. All of our lives wrapped into 4 walls, which makes the separation of work from free-time even harder.
From my own experience the table of this space plays a key role. What if this piece of furniture is transforming itself in a tool that helps us adapt to our new condition of being at home?
The C19 table is still capable of fulfilling the need of being a dining table and a work space. But the key element is its transformability, that includes fun features allowing physical activity as well as privacy.
The tabletop has the appearance of a ping-pong table. Its bright color adds a positive sparkle to a living room. Besides the table can be used to play ping-ping, a fun game that distracts from work and isolation. The whole idea of being a distraction is contributing to our mental health and our physical well-being.
Furthermore, one can install the table vertically to create a division of a space. Privacy is a big part of our lives. There are certain things we like to do on our own, being by ourselves. Some activities could be practicing yoga, reading a book, playing the guitar… On the underneath the surface of the table top is a blackboard. Once the table is put up, one can brainstorm, draw, even kids would enjoy a blackboard.
The installation of the table is very easy and even one person can handle the assembly by itself. The elements are made of sheets of plywood. The dimensions of the top are 1m x 1,5m, which are optimizations of measurements for working, dining and table tennis. A system of wood joints without screws connects the 2 pieces of plywood. For the vertical position one element has a support piece that is put beneath the table top, to hold it vertically. The table top is additionally held by inserting it in a slit in the element of the other table leg. Vice versa for the horizontal position this element can be turned around to support the table top.
All in all, the table makes a perfect companion for home office during the pandemic.

Luise Entrich, Victor Alonso, Barrueto ReyesLuise Entrich, Victor Alonso, Barrueto ReyesLuise Entrich, Victor Alonso, Barrueto ReyesLuise Entrich, Victor Alonso, Barrueto Reyes

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