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Coronavirus Design Competition

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Jack Short

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ID: 878
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‘Me, You, Us’ is an online sanctuary for viewing and sharing the genuine effects and influences of COVID-19 on people and their lives.
COVID-19 is effecting everyone on the globe but in many different ways, but the reality of the pandemic is controlled by agenda driven media outlets and bias opinions on social media. If we are to truly have a genuine understanding of how this pandemic has influenced the lives of the people, we could use this understanding to create accurate ideas and solutions for a better world.
“How might we give people a way of depicting how COVID-19 is effecting their lives?”
For a true picture to be painted, the picture must be painted by everyone, because everyone has their own truth. Variety, diversity, and individuality are the key aspects of the truth. COVID-19 has effected every single person in the world, and every single person has been effected differently.
Our aim is to gather stories from anyone and everyone, so we can create a fair and honest depiction of the true effects of the COVID-19 on the people. People can share whatever they please within the content of COVID-19, but this is not just another social platform. No bias, no agenda, names are optional, commenting is not available, the essence of this platform is to share, view and open up your perspective.
This depiction of how COVID-19 has influence people lives will then go on to serve as a reference for qualitative, emotive and personal information to inspire problem solvers and designers to create relevant and effective solutions for the future.

Jack ShortJack ShortJack ShortJack Short

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