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Coronavirus Design Competition

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Ağacan Bahadır, Tümer Keser, Sinan Azizağaoğlu

ID: 875

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ID: 875
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Problematic / Situation:

- Covid-19 pandemic caused millions to be quarantined; their restricted lives, especially in high-density areas, require a reexamination of our existing buildings and urban areas.

- In areas with high densities, existing common areas on the building and neighborhood scales are not sufficient for the required uses.

- In the recent years, cities have witnessed their parks, social facilities, and empty lands being transformed into residential and office buildings.

-Existing building stocks have undergone a transformation that either preserves or increases the density of the built environment. In order to reclaim common areas for residents, decreasing density of the existing blocks seem to be unrealistic and therefore have not become a reality.

- The restriction of the individual to a nucleic living area also caused questioning of the close environment and neighborhood relations in these regions.

- Although urban fabric provides limited areas, and pandemics present isolation requirements, it is possible to design a common area that corresponds to the needs of the situation and the people in it.

Considering these inquiries:

- A region with high-density building stock was chosen as the pilot region.

-Our idea is to provide individuals with a number of functions which they can neither reach nor utilize enough at the street level; by redefining common areas and positioning functions at a new level, we aim to relieve individuals who are squeezed into atomic m2’s in cities.

-Considering the possible number of inhabitants in four buildings in adjacent order, each with a 150m2 of coverage, a total open area that is around 600m2 is deemed to be more advantageous for a rooftop common area. 4 adjacent blocks are designated to be a maximum controllable population area.

- Under extraordinary conditions, this area will work as an inner garden and develop the social relationship between the pilot blocks under control, and in usual conditions it may become a sharing area that serves a bigger neighborhood.
- The created area will be connected to the internal circulation of the apartments and the controlled access of the 4 pilot blocks will be provided.

- In order to expand areas where individuals are closed during the pandemic with a focus on their common needs, and to find solutions to the needs of the urban scale after the pandemic, connections between different roof levels of 4 blocks have been established. Walkways, open-air cinema, pool, and dining areas were added to this area as a starting point.

- The running track is in elliptic geometry, and is located between different elevations to further serve as a circulation element. The food, drinking, and open-air cinema functions are designed together with the landscape and placed in the center of the layout.

- Anticipating a future in which all mail and delivery works are done via drones, an airdrop area is positioned on the upper platform.

-Considering all these forecasts and proposals, a possible relationship that different focal points can establish in a post-pandemic era remains an open potential.

Ağacan Bahadır, Tümer Keser, Sinan AzizağaoğluAğacan Bahadır, Tümer Keser, Sinan AzizağaoğluAğacan Bahadır, Tümer Keser, Sinan AzizağaoğluAğacan Bahadır, Tümer Keser, Sinan Azizağaoğlu

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