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Ivan Reyes Cano - Designer

ID: 873

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ID: 873
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“Good designs begins with honesty, asks tough questions, comes from collaboration and from trusting in your intuition”
(Freeman Thomas)

Before start designing, I Talk with 15 different people around the world and I asked the question what do you miss the most from life before quarantine? here are some answers;

“Lia, 12 years old, Mexico; What I miss the most is go to school and see my friends”
“Boro, 27 years old, Japan; What I miss the most is drink a beer with my friends after work”
“Claudia, 30 years old, Peru; What I miss the most It’s holding my boyfriend’s hand and having dinner together”
“James 45 years old, USA; What I miss the most is go out with my family for coffee and listen to people talk around us”

all different answers miss the same category; “to socialize”. This first immersion for knowing the problem makes sense to me because I felt the same I miss friends and family and as Aristotle said; A human is a social creature and that’s why we miss the essence of socializing, talking, walking, traveling, or going out with someone. This quarantine shows us the importance of social life and the impact that friends, family, and partners have in our feelings.

The second question I thought was “Why we still feel alone if technology keeps us together” And the answer was more simple; “we cant interact directly because the computer is like a firewall for the senses even though phone calls, chats o video calls are very used nowadays we still have this barrier that makes us feel alone.  but what will happen if we cut this barrier? Combining design and technology we can immerse the user with a VR Viewer (Virtual Reality) in scenery that lets him interact with his friends were sight and hearing are stimulated, giving an experience pretty much similar to the real one.

As designers, we can create different alternative scenarios for giving a sense of normality. Some people will miss traveling or being in another place and giving them the possibility to change the scenario to whatever makes you feel comfortable. Makes this design idea as a helpful tool to keep mind and body healthy, because friends, family, and partners have a strong influence on our feelings, and having a choice to feel us together during and after quarantine will be essential for a world that will never return as it was.

Ivan Reyes Cano - DesignerIvan Reyes Cano - DesignerIvan Reyes Cano - DesignerIvan Reyes Cano - Designer

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