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Ofir Hizkiyev

ID: 867

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ID: 867
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These days, we all need to make modifications to our lives. The routine each one is familiar with, no longer exists, the “normal” has become something we wish for. The bag I used daily for work or school, sits untouched in the corner. This bag was once my survival kit. It carried everything I needed on a daily basis. It was personal and allowed me to be productive; it reflected my lifestyle. For these images, I used a product from a previous project of designing a pop-up store, as a reference. The product name is ‘Lumzag’ and it is a smart bag that connects to our smartphone by an app. It has a few unique features that help us organize our stuff.
As I look at the bag that once was so familiar to my everyday experience, I see it now as a home-system that can serve our needs in COVID-19. We are sheltered in space, so we need to make the best out of this space. We are a digital and technological society, but still, we are a society of stuff. We use many items in our daily routine, that both comfort us, give us confidence, and help keep us organized in a hectic life.  As we are working from our home, how can the home-office be as efficient as my bag? The bag’s main purpose is to make our life organized and easier to manage.  The system is doing the same. But if we are thinking about people that live by modern urbanism, we are all using technological devices and usually carry unorganized bags. The system and the bag are controlled by a smartphone app. A smartphone is a transportable device that can be concealed. The home-system is not portable but the stuff in it can be. In some ways, our smartphone controls our daily life, so in this case, the app helps us be organized.
The minute we begin to get back to normal, in whatever way that may be, we just need to pack our system into that one bag. The system and the bag are meant to make us worry less. They keep our lives organized and quiet.  The system is here to remind us that life can change very quickly, and we need to make the best out of it. It gives us hope that soon, everything will get better. In the meantime, I work at my home office and see the inside of my bag, each small part of my former life on display—a reminder of what I require now and what I will may return to soon.

Ofir HizkiyevOfir HizkiyevOfir HizkiyevOfir Hizkiyev

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