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Silvia Segatori, Beatrice Quagliotti, Claudio Crescimbeni

ID: 864

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ID: 864
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An Apple a Day… App
Survival kit during self-isolation (a forty-day programme)

An Apple a Day is an App that takes care of you, by selecting, for you, an activity a day, for forty days, to help you nourish all aspects of your being – hence the “apple” metaphor. It will provide emotional support during uncertain times and a framework for efficient time management at home, infusing balance, mindfulness and reassurance in your daily routine. It is intended to be an accessible, cross-border and multi-lingual tool for self-care during periods of self-isolation.

To save you time and energies, you won’t get to choose the activity. The App will “randomly” select, on your behalf, an “apple” for each area of interest. So, when you turn on the App, you will get a homepage with two buttons. One button will lead you to a series of activities for a “mindful routine”, and another button will grant you access to a “journal” for guided self-inquiry. There is an element of surprise when, every day, you have to click to discover the “apple” of the day.

My Mindful Routine
1. One good news related to the current climate, to nourish your intellect (image, text and link)
2. An extract from a philosophical book to nourish your soul (text, audio and link)
3. A yoga practice video to nourish your body, mind and breath – custom-made by reputable teachers
1. A simple yet nutritious recipe (image, text, video, audio and link)
2. A creative activity to entertain your kids during lockdown or a green activity for you, such as the “indoor garden” (video, image, text and link)
3. A sustainable brand for conscious shopping (image, text and link)
1. A beauty ritual using natural ingredients you can find at home (imagine, text, video and link)
2. A calming song to listen to in bed (audio)
3. A meditation practice to prepare you for sleep (audio)
My Journal
Morning entry: Intentions
- List three good intentions for the day
Evening entry: Gratitude
- List three good things of the day to be grateful for
1. A (good) news article: “Record number of recovered people from Coronavirus in Italy today”
2. A reading: A passage from Welcoming the Unwelcome by Pema Chodron
3. A yoga Practice: a video of the “kundalini kriya for a healthy body”

1. A recipe: veggie balls and light tiramisu
2. A creative activity, such as the Squishy Soap from Laura Brand’s book The Joy Journal for Magical Everyday Play
3. An eco-brand: Serendipity Shop Italia:

1. A beauty ritual: homemade facemask made with coffee, coconut oil and honey
2. A song: “Fragile Wind” by Nitin Sawney
3. A meditation: the Buddhist “Metta-Karuna” meditation

This app will involve editorial work to hand-pick forty different selections for each of the nine different areas of interest, permission rights to reproduce songs, book extracts, etc., and experts to author the original videos, audios and texts.

Silvia Segatori, Beatrice Quagliotti, Claudio CrescimbeniSilvia Segatori, Beatrice Quagliotti, Claudio CrescimbeniSilvia Segatori, Beatrice Quagliotti, Claudio CrescimbeniSilvia Segatori, Beatrice Quagliotti, Claudio Crescimbeni

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