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Coronavirus Design Competition

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Emelie Sporrefält, Malin Saxborn

ID: 862

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ID: 862
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This design, The Curve, gives us the opportunity to socialize in a safe environment despite pandemics. Being outdoors and socialize is vital to humans, therefore The curve is an outdoor furniture that is created for a public urban audience and the shape is an architectural interpretation of the World Health Organizations pandemic curve.

The design allows for different levels of social distancing, which makes it possible to use during the different stages of pandemics. It can also be used when the virus is not active and then it contributes to the urban space with its playful form.
When using the curve you are secured and protected from the Covid-19 virus and able to socialize with others in the community. It is made of materials which the virus does not last on (based on knowledge of the Sars virus). The materials are latex (less than 2 hours) and protective layers of aluminum (6-8 hours) since the virus does not attach to porous surfaces the protected board are made of layers of perforated aluminum.

By using this design we will be able to avoid future lockdowns and keep living a life with social contact and outdoor activities in a safe and protective environment.

Emelie Sporrefält, Malin SaxbornEmelie Sporrefält, Malin SaxbornEmelie Sporrefält, Malin SaxbornEmelie Sporrefält, Malin Saxborn

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