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Farzana Ahmed

ID: 860

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ID: 860
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We all know very well where and how you need to live or survive a beautiful and healthy life because the earth where we stay now which is already a well-planned place to live with our friends and family. But again there is always a chance to improve our living or regular residence which means we always feel, our own place and the nearest facility should be developed and ideal with the futuristic world or what the society requires us to fulfill as a whole community . When community comes we know our basic infrastructures will include roads/paths, house/land/apartment, school/university,  a common park for all, shops, regional places, clubs/gym etc and these all came as a part of the society since those demand enter to the community via some situation or petition which can support others or individuals. Probably we never certainly assumed, if we only have our neighborhood or community and that will the box of our life which means we cannot go out for work or for anything except urgency.
From the situation of COVID -19, now we perhaps realize how the situation aggravates when it is a fix boundary or there is a restriction to move on your feet which means if the world goes stop, we are also stopped. But it cannot be like that and we cannot be dependent on that as much as we are used to before.
So, the idea is, as the community is all about sharing the facility consequently why do not, we add one more sharing facility in the community where we can all collaborate our hobby, strength and economy. If we start making a common farming area for our own community where only the community people will come and join to produce healthy and necessary food from where we can use our valuable time as a hobby which probably we were going to use by watching or by gaming in screens sometimes. Also, if we do farming it will help us physically and mentally. Mostly it will be a great source or a new way of connection between the community people, as all will be sharing the same farm for work and food,  as similar as we share the school/university or market or common space. Additionally, it will be helpful to our economy as well because we do not have to wait for imported food if we can cover or able to produce food for our own community and possible to survive happily. Also, for future, the other business farmer can export more if we are sufficient to produce our own as a community.
Farming might be a quite simple idea or came across very few times in our mind but that simple thing probably we need most and can achieve so many solutions as a whole in our daily lives even in quarantine time.

Farzana AhmedFarzana AhmedFarzana AhmedFarzana Ahmed

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