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Coronavirus Design Competition

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Yana Bas, Mykyta Lytvynenko

ID: 859

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ID: 859
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Communication Tube
Quarantine affects our mental life heavily. Level of anxiety and depression is rising due to the lack of face-to-face communication. We found a way in which design could partly solve these problems in outdoor.
Our installation designed to be a feature that helps people to communicate with each other contrary to quarantine restrictions. This Tube is suitable for almost any outdoor public space. It could vary in scale and proportions to fit the chosen location.
Sound does not scatter inside of the Tube, so people on the different sides could hear each other clearly. It is now possible to have a live talking session with a friend, family member or a stranger sticking to the rules of self-isolation.
The Communication Tube made out of bendable plywood. Layers of wood intertwine with each other, underlining the idea of importance of togetherness.
Moreover, this installation could stay relevant in future, after the quarantine times. It will be an interactive entertaining environment object, which in the same time will remind people of self-isolation struggles.

Yana Bas, Mykyta LytvynenkoYana Bas, Mykyta LytvynenkoYana Bas, Mykyta LytvynenkoYana Bas, Mykyta Lytvynenko

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