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Manikandan Kathiresan

ID: 856

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ID: 856
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Water Smarter

Description: An App Designed to bring solution for water crisis in the form of information on how to produce, consume and conserve water easily for life time, which is crucial especially during lock down periods for public to access water.

The stress Covid-19 has caused around the globe is immense. People from all walks of life have had no choice but to change their lifestyles. These changes require people to wash their hands often for up to 20-30 seconds, to clean more intensively, and even to wash supermarket shopping. But what if there is limited water available? Water shortage and access to clean water are potentially the most deadly wicked problems. In the short term, Covid-19 means that ever more people require clean and safe water to stop the virus spreading. In the long term, we need sustainable water solutions to tackle and deal with climate change.

Water Smarter provides information about inexpensive solutions for water conservation and consumption. It brings together existing projects and makes them easily accessible for the general public. The application has three main functions: feeds, watch videos and get help. Feeds includes new inventions and changes in technology that help to make life more self-sustainable and success stories from other users. The watch video option will enable users to watch the development of projects. The Get help option will connect users with a volunteer network who will provide technical advice, and/or, in some instances, tools or materials. Water smarter will work with NGOs to ensure equal access to sustainable water even in remote villages.

The Volunteers team is passed out engineering students who look for an experience to build their career will work along with water smarter and NGO’s. Once they are hired they come in with all set of tools to user's doorsteps and list out the things they need to install or set up. The same will take care of the services like repairs and re doing in future if the user wishes.

The main page will have video tutorials and get help option. Video materials including the objects and materials required for the work. The people who will demonstrate and teach are the ones who are people who achieved the self-sustainable life style successfully.

There is a gap to fill the needs of people by providing them the information and knowledge not only as an educational purpose but to allow them to access the solution either on their own or with help. Water smarter will act in exceptional ways to make people more aware and help their life to become more self-sustainable all over the world.

Manikandan KathiresanManikandan KathiresanManikandan KathiresanManikandan Kathiresan

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