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Coronavirus Design Competition

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Giulia Condulmari, Laura Carducci, Valentina Casari

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ID: 855
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The New Old Reality

The proposal has been developed from and for the context of Rome but representing a pilot project, which can be re-adapted to any Italian or International context.
It represents a quick solution to the emergency of today, but to be subsequently converted into a means of regeneration and rebirth for tomorrow, especially in the most vulnerable areas of the city.
We look at the past, we observe spontaneity, and we learn from efficient urban realities that have been abandoned by a society of hastiness, fast consumption, and speed transformation.
We want to enhance the small districts’ reality, the neighbourhoods, where, in this scenario of social distancing, resilience, solidarity, and empathic exchange have occurred, revealing the real strengths of the city.
So, we propose a project of capillarization of support and service, as an extension of small neighbourhood activities, centres and associations, helping to weave indispensable social networks, and giving power to the identity, culture and tradition of each community and individual.
Through 5 functional categories, the architecture on wheels reaches every citizen's home, with more equity and accessibility in the distribution of services and support.
By giving social and economic autonomy to each neighbourhood, displacements can be considerably reduced. Consequently, in addition to reducing all health risks, it also gives support to the struggling public transportation and limits the need for cars, thus preventing air pollution raising.
This bottom-up approach must be understood as part of a single joint action, facilitating its control and proper execution. Citizens will wait for the truck at the window, which is why the use of specific colours is foreseen for each category, as a visual and psychological reference point.
The five categories designed will be activated in different stages, and then, for the post-pandemic, each activity will be converted into a new social solution reaching the underserved areas, and also helping all small businesses to survive.
Among them, we highlight the "message in a bottle" truck, one of the two activities of the "social and environmental rapprochement" category, designed for the distribution of paper messages in order to bring the population closer by physical and not only virtual means. In fact, citizens will be able to leave or take a random message, or to send it, through donation, to a specific address of the neighbourhood.
Furthermore, it is aimed at raising environmental awareness, first, with the collection of used plastic bottles, sanitized and reused as sterile containers for collecting and delivering letters; then, for each donation left, a sustainable gadget will be given, made with recycled materials and containing educative information:
- Do-it-yourself mask, to reduce the use of single-use masks, difficult to dispose of;
- "Learn to recycle" game;
- Do-it-yourself game, to teach children how to reuse materials;
This is not just about home delivery! But as a real physical and social extension of any activity.
Therefore, we do not focus on the efficiency and speed of the service: let’s take time and be close to all citizens.

Giulia Condulmari, Laura Carducci, Valentina CasariGiulia Condulmari, Laura Carducci, Valentina CasariGiulia Condulmari, Laura Carducci, Valentina CasariGiulia Condulmari, Laura Carducci, Valentina Casari

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