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Catie F.

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ID: 854
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Covid-19 has affected the human race in so many different ways. With social distancing, humans’ ability to share our stories and experiences has been lost. With the Inspiration ATM, neighbors can continue to connect with each other, in a safe and clean way.
The Inspiration ATM is a trading post that can easily be implemented into small neighborhoods. The product will be sold from an independent website where members of a community can donate money towards purchasing the device. Ideally, a volunteer from the neighborhood would be the designated leader and would keep the machine up to date. These ATMs allow for homemade items, thoughtful messages, or gifts such as artwork, recipes, and poetry to be both shared and received. With the same concept as a lending library, when citizens donate their items, they receive a surprise gift from someone in their community.
In terms of appearance, this machine will look similar to a vending machine or ATM, but will include an easily customizable exterior allowing it to fit perfectly into any neighborhood. The basic design will come with a water resistant outer cage made of wood, with an iron sign including led lights that turn on from 7pm-10pm. The Inspiration ATM will have an input and an output slot along with a center screen that allows participants to take a selfie or leave a note along with their gift and also requires them to leave a 20+ word description of the product. Each entry will automatically save when a gift is entered into the machine and will reappear on the screen when someone receives that gift. Below the screen is a button that, when pressed, triggers a full easily-accessible keyboard to emerge.
The inside of the machine will include a mechanical elevator where the inserted item travels to the storage level nearest to the bottom. There will be twelve slots of storage in the back of the machine, and the item stored in the lowest level will be released first. As that item is let out with the use of a conveyor belt, the base of each level will open allowing for each item to be gently dropped to the level beneath. The item will be conveyed into a recyclable paper gift bag to add to the surprise aspect!
One important feature of this product is the airlocked cleaning compartment within the machine. As soon as an item is inserted into the ATM, two initial steps are taken. Firstly, a picture is taken and is sent to the main operator of the machine to ensure safety and respect. Secondly, the item is sent into the airlock and is sprayed with 2-3 organic cleansers that kill bacteria and virus cells. This self-cleaning feature will follow all sanitary precautions during a time like the Covid-19 crisis.
This product allows for a great way to spread inspiration and happiness in a time that can provoke stress, anxiety, or depression. It gives community members a fun, easy way to connect with each other!

Catie F.Catie F.Catie F.Catie F.

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