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Hanna M.

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ID: 848
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With the Coronavirus rapidly spreading across the world, many people are asking what they can do to slow the spread of the highly infectious disease. The World Health Organization has strongly advised us to wash our hands. We’re reminded of the universal truth that we all know: we should wash our hands for 20 seconds to properly clean them. 20 seconds: a vital factor in this equation. With the Suds, washing your hands for the proper time couldn’t be any easier. It is a unique formula that allows you to physically see when all the germs are cleaned off your hands. Once dispensed, the colored soap attacks germs on your hands. Once the soap has cleaned off your hands completely, the color disappears down the drain. If the user properly washes their hands and thoroughly covers every part of the hands (ie. in between fingers, the back of the hand), the user can be assured that their hands are squeaky clean.

The unique formula that is dispensed is generic soap combined with a colored moisturizer. Once the dispensing button is pressed, the user will spin the dispenser to emulsify the liquids and a colored soap will be dispensed. The solution works to attack germs on your hands by attaching its hydrophobic tail to the fats and proteins that surround viruses. The tails break down and attack the surrounding fats and dissolve them. The fatty, non-polar soap molecules dissolve and destroy the fatty, non-polar virus molecules. The process, taking 20 seconds, doesn’t differ from generic hand washing but stands out due to the colored aspect of the solution. The color, because it is integrated into the fatty/non-polar soap through the non-polar moisturizer, will linger on your hand just as long as the virus does — this will take approximately 20 seconds. The soap is attacking the colored lotion as well as the virus. The color will not wash away until the lotion is broken down which will coincide with the virus being broken down.

The soap also comes with a unique dispenser that makes this all possible. Since the soap and moisturizer are both “fatty” solutions, if they are combined before the soap is ready to be used, the soap will become ineffective in destroying the virus. The dispenser is a sleek hourglass shape with two compartments inside — one holding the soap and the other holding the moisturizer. The dispenser attaches to your bathroom wall with a suction cup that will spin when the user turns the device. To dispense, the user will press the dispensing button, physically turn the device and spin it around, and once the dispenser has turned 360°, it will dispense the soap in the hands of the user. This product has a multitude of uses — including ensuring clean hands in a non-pandemic setting — but could prove to be especially useful to kids due to the visual aid and “entertainment” that it adds to the otherwise mundane task of hand-washing.

Hanna M.Hanna M.Hanna M.Hanna M.

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