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Adriana Orozco

ID: 847

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ID: 847
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Survive – it sounds so easy to do, but have we thought about what that even means?  Rather than focusing on the next pandemic or catastrophe, the design of this structure focuses on activities that are pro-survival.

As individuals, a nation, and humankind, we have witnessed illnesses,  
accidents, shootings, welfare, injustices, and natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes.  One cannot help but worry and think about what is next in line when we hear about these type of news.  

Some people are able to take the appropriate measures to remain sane, while others make anti-survival choices which lead to the decline of their mental, emotional, and physical health.  When one gets stuck on these negative energies, the outcome will be something along the lines of
anxiety, depression, fears, and perhaps flashbacks of our own individual traumas.  Getting trapped on the negative side of things will only bring forth a type of behavior that not only affects us as individuals, but those around us.  This by far is the most contagious sickness humanity can
experience since it creates a domino effect.  

One might ask, what happens when our lives, loved ones, businesses, jobs, and our overall race are at risk during a crisis such as a pandemic? How do we survive in moments of chaos and distress?  Simply enough, there is a difference between adapting to the environment that is being created versus the environment that you are creating for yourself.  This being said, the structure is designed with the following thoughts in mind:

The structure acts like a mathematical input and output.  You enter the building because you are feeling uneasy, participate in all the activities, and leave with a different outlook about life.  To help understand the story and circulation of this structure, icons are created with quotes relevant to the function of the space to gain knowledge of life and reality.  These icons are numbered accordingly and further explain what is going on in that specific space.

One enters the building by taking the elevator to the fourth level which level focuses on handling the truth.  The third and second levels are      dedicated to activities that encourage one to remain in present time, and the first level addresses the spirit and nourishment of the body.  Before leaving, however, there is an interview / check-up room in the basement where people are asked if they are really in present time.  Can they control their way of thinking?  Are they feeling better than when they first walked in?  If so, then the person may leave if they wish.  If not, then it will be      encouraged to re-visit levels 2 and 3 as needed.

In essence, this is a project that makes one analyze that we shouldn’t fear a virus, but oneself.  Are we living life as we should?  Are we surviving?

Adriana OrozcoAdriana OrozcoAdriana OrozcoAdriana Orozco

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