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Jessica Hughes-Morton

ID: 843

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ID: 843
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The aim of this development is to Investigate important drivers for change and how these factors can be connected, these influences along with economic factors will assist to actively illustrate how things might be done to create an overall more sustainable approach. Our current crisis is COVID-19 but we have many other important issues such as our ageing population, high mental health rates and our environment.
Multigenerational homes are ideal to keep loved ones close by, whether they need extra care and support or their own space and a first foot on the property ladder. The home can be altered to suit requirements with the possibility of shared mortgages. The home can also be isolated from each other and used completely independently in a time of need such as a pandemic.

This home has an integrated Orangery, this enables possibilities to grow food. The potential for self-preservation and self-sufficiency is important during uncertain times, it is also a tool for education. Green space and natural light are proven to help people avoid depression, anxiety, promote faster healing, boost the immune system and improve overall health and well-being and is something that everyone can enjoy.

The structure of this build will consist of hemp where possible, this fast-growing plant can replenish itself in just 4 months, It can also be grown all over the world thus can be considered a globally local crop, reducing energy cost for transportation and it doesn't need to be treated with high-intensity energy processes like concrete. It is also naturally pest-resistant a weed-suppressant, mould resistant and non-toxic, this eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers and insecticides, therefore supporting local biodiversity. Hemp can also be recycled and is carbon negative, absorbing C02 in the growth phase, it then continues to absorb C02 throughout its lifetime, this process also increases the strength of the material, Hemp lime also has many beneficial properties that are valuable to a passive home such as thermal mass, it also allows water vapour to move through the material and is mould resistant this makes it very effective in mitigating humidity in buildings while also providing thermal and acoustic insulation.

The south external façade is designed to maximise the performance of the building by receiving solar gain and natural light. The north side of the home is designed to keep bedrooms cooler and more private. The external appearance of the building has been driven by interior primary elements to reinforce their characteristics of proposed use.

This development is aimed to minimise environmental impact and carbon emissions. With a holistic approach taken on a sustainable living environment to improve health and well-being, creating opportunities to establish lifelong beneficial behaviours a healthier lifestyle and future sustainability.

Jessica Hughes-MortonJessica Hughes-MortonJessica Hughes-MortonJessica Hughes-Morton

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