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Coronavirus Design Competition

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Jack S.

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ID: 839
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The goal of my project was to design a new part in hospitals that would be required across all hospitals. This part of the hospital would be there as a precaution in case of an emergency disease breakout. Currently with the coronavirus pandemic many hospitals are having an influx of patients that they cannot handle.

This area of the hospital would have the ability to quickly convert into an ICU containment center if such an event takes place. This area of the hospital would be able to maximize the amount of people that can be brought into be cured and ensure that the rest of the hospital does not become infected with the disease that is being spread. This area of the hospital would be on the bottom floor allowing for its own entrance and exit.

This extra exit would prevent the Emergency Room from becoming backed up and clogged with patients. One of the main concerns that the nurses have is that they are constantly changing between patients thus meaning they could be an outlet of transmitting the disease. The nurses that work inside the ICU room would only work inside this area and not leave until properly sanitized and cleared of all possible contamination.

These nurses would also be required to work in the ICU areas for less periods of time as we would want the nurses to not go insane especially if the casualty rate of the virus that is spreading is extremely high. Constant exposure to death can lead to nurses becoming depressed and feeling as if they aren't doing anything right.

Jack S.Jack S.Jack S.Jack S.

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