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Isabelle Schmitt-Alves

ID: 838

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ID: 838
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June 5
We anxiously wait for tomorrow because quarantine will finally end. Many of us haven’t gone out for months. Two months into quarantine, the three largest farms nearby had to be closed because the farmers got sick, and this caused the supply of fresh foods to decrease. I cannot wait to finally go out and get what my family needs. Tomorrow, things will start going back to normal…
November 30
It has been five months since the quarantine ended. The town has been trying to bring things back to normal, but this proved to be much harder than we expected. Some of our neighbors said they plan on moving because they cannot afford to live here anymore. And because of the quarantine, the Spring crops weren’t planted and there was no harvest in the Fall. We will have to turn to canned foods again…
December 2
We saw a man on TV claiming he had the solution to our problems. He called it the “Living Home.” Mom turned the TV on full blast again to try to persuade dad to buy one:
Hello everyone, my name is Oscar. I am a part of the Green Sustainable Living group, or GSL. I know many of you have had hardships these last several months. Many cannot afford to stay where they are, others lack fresh foods. But ladies and gentlemen, I am here today, on behalf of my team, to offer you all a solution. We call it “The Living Home.” Made from shipping containers, this fully furnished home will grow your food for you. As you all can see, one outside wall is completely covered in greens, but these are not just any greens, they are herbs and vegetables! These plants also help to absorb sunlight and humidity, keeping the interior cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. Each home also comes with its own Rotofarm, an indoor farming system, which the homeowner can turn to during winter months for food. This is an affordable option to those of you who wish to stay here in town; its size and shape allows it to be moved anywhere you could want. We strive for the wellness of everyone and this home will ensure that all will have access to fresh herbs and vegetables and an affordable place to live…
December 30
After a month of persuasion, we are finally buying our first Living Home and apparently so is everyone else. The homes are almost sold out! It should arrive in town by Spring. I can’t wait for fresh foods again…
May 21
It has been two months since our Living Home arrived. We just finished planting our crops outside and we’ve been using the Rotofarm. I have never been more excited to eat a salad in my life...

Isabelle Schmitt-AlvesIsabelle Schmitt-AlvesIsabelle Schmitt-AlvesIsabelle Schmitt-Alves

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