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Zoe Panayi

ID: 836

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ID: 836
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Residency: Design Where You Are

As the spaces we inhabit have shrunk to a few streets, and many artists and designers struggle to make ends meet during the pandemic, how can we imagine a brighter future?

Residency proposed an app-based platform of mutual and support for the enrichment of your own neighborhood. It is a crowdfunding platform that connects local designers and artists with their communities, and allows them to propose projects for their neighbours and raise funding and support. Local residents pay a monthly subscription or make individual contributions to projects they support to see them materialised. These could include anything from mural paintings to dance classes, needing just a small amount of support, to big projects like the development of communally owned land or setting up urban farms or tool libraries. The images describe the proposal, funding, and building of playable sculptures for a local square.

Traditional artists' residencies bring the designer to a new location, and are often concentrated in big cities. Design work is often aligned with corporate interests and only partially benefits the neighbours of the development. Through Residency we want to invest design knowledge and thinking with more spatial equality, to all the spaces we travel past every day. By giving artists and designers the tools and funds to work locally we will enrich and pull together communities in ways that the global pandemic has made possible to imagine.

The networks we hope to create are powerful and resilient to this crisis and others, but they start small, with the re-imagining of our field of work as designers to the places and people who surround us. By building local networks we can empower ourselves and our neighbours, and use design skills and creativity to have immediate, tangible impact. The only thing missing is the link; a place to put forward ideas and listen to those around us, a platform to support and fund these ideas, and a place to see the success stories come to life, this is what we propose with Residency.

Zoe PanayiZoe PanayiZoe PanayiZoe Panayi

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