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Michael DeGennaro

ID: 835

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ID: 835
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Crew members temperatures taken (T-10 minutes, 40 seconds)
Crew members close and lock their visors (T-2 minutes, 20 seconds)
Activate launch pad suppression system (T-16 seconds)
Main engine start (T-6.6 seconds)
Solid rocket booster ignition (T-3 seconds)
Liftoff! (T-0 seconds)
Welcome aboard the OROS spaceship. We are embarking on a journey to outer space for means of isolation from the novel CoronaVirus.  When we hit altitudes of 100 km, landing on the moon, this spacecraft becomeS our NEW homebase.  This spacecraft is equipped with beds for us to sleep, a game room, common area, and smaller confined rooms for those who want more privacy. Our NASA tech spacesuits can be taken off once we land, unless we want to explore the planet. When we're up there, we can switch to our OROS apparel.  We have collaborated with the team of OROS, Michael and Rithvik, to create a line of outerwear that is suitable for extreme outer space conditions. The outerwear line is powered by a technology that we use in our space suits, an insulation called Aerogel. These jackets are more convenient for us to wear daily, rather than our clunky spacesuits. Although we will still be inside the spacecraft when we wear them, it is still going to be cold up there, so they are necessary.
As we embark on this journey, we are isolating ourselves from the global pandemic that is occuring on Earth. We are protected here on the moon, where germs are killed off due to the frigid temperatures of outer space. Here, we can live a life that is exciting, yet different for all of us, while our Earth heals. We can experiment with zero gravity, and explore outer space.  Though we are distanced from Earth, life on the moon will be a manner of keeping us together more, rather than distanced, as we stay protected from Covid 19. We can look back at our beautiful planet at a distance, and watch it heal.
For those who don't want to leave the Earth, they can access this spacecraft virtually, which will serve as a virtual escape from our world- a video game to occupy our time in quarantine.  The game will be an exciting mission to save our planet, and, as an unexpected benefit, a curveball is thrown in the form of pop-up information to inform and educate those playing how to do their part in making sure we can put an end to Covid-19.

Michael DeGennaroMichael DeGennaroMichael DeGennaroMichael DeGennaro

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