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carmen shikeai

ID: 828

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ID: 828
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The outbreak of COVID 19 in the world. Our lives have been a mess in recent months due to the COVID 19, the new coronavirus has already claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Different countries are taking different measures in the fight against this new threat. Many people are staying at home to help prevent self from spreading COVID-19 to other people, to avoiding crowds to limit the likelihood of catching or spreading a virus.
My concept is related to social distancing, when the virus is under control and people will back to normal life but we can’t be careless. We still need to keep social distancing at work or outside the house. And I think a normal social distancing is not enough in is Special period.

So I transfer my pop-up shop design ideal into this case, which is an individual self checking area that provide private space skin type check up to clients. We all know the airport as always crowded place before the pandemic of COVID 19. My design is for people to keep a social distancing at the airport from now and the future. For an individual maintaining enough distance between you and others(1 meter), especially, the airport is crowded, we must prevent it from getting infected again by COVID 19 or virus and reduce the risk of coming to contact with respiratory droplets people produce when they speak, cough or sneeze.

So I design an isolation individual area for people to keep their social distancing when they waiting at the airport, social distancing aims to reduce the number of infections and slow the spread of the epidemic, and this isolation area will include entertainment and skin device to check skin type and advise travelers to keep moisturizing their skin when they are traveling. This individual area can be improving air quality and air circulation for people to keep a social distancing and also provide private space to the traveler when they waiting for their flights.

carmen shikeaicarmen shikeaicarmen shikeaicarmen shikeai

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