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Coronavirus Design Competition

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Kameela Samuel, Soumyashri Sridhar murthy

ID: 827

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ID: 827
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In the year 2020, We are dealing with a global pandemic that has resulted in 200,000+ fatalities worldwide in 3 months. Many countries have gone as far as implementing social distancing and banning social gatherings regards to the health risks of contracting and spreading the corona virus (COVID-19). Architecture has the opportunity to advance and evolve during these times of social distancing. This project examines the simple notion of grocery shopping in the COVID world. Implementation of Social distancing norms does not necessarily mean a transition to a digital shopping platform away from the pleasures of physical shopping that is experienced through the cognitive functions of human brain.

Aqua Basin will encourage and educate customers to practice as well as learn about safety measures in a grocery store. A simple act of washing the produce at the store before purchasing it, will prevent spread of germs and get rid of pesticides. A few small steps added to our regular shopping routine and a simple system installed in our existing stores will guarantee safe shopping experience for all.

Kameela Samuel, Soumyashri Sridhar murthyKameela Samuel, Soumyashri Sridhar murthyKameela Samuel, Soumyashri Sridhar murthyKameela Samuel, Soumyashri Sridhar murthy

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