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Sandra Ojdanic, Isidora Nikolic

ID: 826

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ID: 826
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Parasiterrace is a response to the phenomenon of lack of terrace space in apartments in urban areas. These are montage terraces, which attach to the existing architecture. The terrace is built by profiles, which number depends on the dimensions of the window to which the terrace itself hangs. The profiles are made of carbon fiber. The stability of the terrace is enabled by the counterweight that is a balloon filled with water and also a staircase which leads to the terrace through the window. It is possible to adjust the terrace itself in regards to the height of the parapet wall. Also, the sides of the terrace have the possibility of pulling out for safe access, but also to create a sheltered environment. It is intended that the user independently orders and installs the terrace. The terrace builds a space that is protected and intimate, and represents a connection between the outside and the inside. Parasiterrace is intended for use after the pandemic, as well.

Sandra Ojdanic, Isidora NikolicSandra Ojdanic, Isidora NikolicSandra Ojdanic, Isidora NikolicSandra Ojdanic, Isidora Nikolic

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