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Coronavirus Design Competition

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Rei Elbasani, Ani Marku

ID: 825

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ID: 825
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Body, mind and … soul

A body, can live healthy as long as his physical needs are fulfilled, even in isolation.
A mind, can live healthy, as long as it believes it is.
A soul, will continue experiencing life, as long as life will exist.

- How can design play a helpful and viral role in health and wellness of a world in need?

    The way we think, desire and imagine, shapes the way we live. The way we live, shapes our thoughts, desires and imagination. So design is a powerful tool that shapes our future, for better or worst. The world we live in is mostly dedicated to pleasure our instinct, our body. It is projected by our mind but taking in consideration the strong rules of the physical world.

    Consider the situation we are living at the moment, “ The Corona time”. Even if this situation seems it is being resolved and maybe it will be resolved, let’s suppose that mankind will get hit again by a new virus. A stronger one. This time we have to be in complete isolation and the time we need to be isolated will be for a very long time. Again let’s suppose that taking in consideration the technology we have nowadays we can find a way to keep our body alive and healthy, with the help of drones delivering food to our houses and machines taking care of our crops. Eventually we will built self sustainable buildings that respect the environment and where we can find everything we need for our body. So the body is safe and healthy, but what about our mind?

    Inspired by the movie “Ready Player One” by the director Steven Spielberg, our proposal consist on creating a virtual game, or better said, a virtual infrastructure where all our minds can meet and live together, feel connected. A virtual world in which we can all allow our spirit to explore through thoughts, desires and instincts in an unlimited way.

    It will be a knew reality in witch we can still make friends, find jobs, fulfill our craziest desires, experience architecture that bends the rules of gravity. Time and space as we know it may no longer exist. It will be a knew way of knowing ourselves and expressing it through our avatars. As said in the movie: -” The only limitation will be our imagination”.

Rei Elbasani, Ani MarkuRei Elbasani, Ani MarkuRei Elbasani, Ani MarkuRei Elbasani, Ani Marku

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