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Coronavirus Design Competition

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Team: Cardellini Camilla - Ferranti Sara

ID: 820

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ID: 820
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Today more than ever we must pay attention to the hygiene of the spaces we live in. In a few months kids will go back to school and probably everything will be different; restrictive security measures, no hugs, handshakes and above all more attention to the sanitation of spaces and ourselves.
In the classroom, beyond the coronavirus emergency, hygiene often takes second place; little attention is paid to actions that can make the difference, such as entering the classroom and not cleaning the sole of the shoes, placing the backpack on the ground, hanging the jacket on the chair, not letting air the classroom every hour, and having classes with too many kids, which means not having space between one person and another.
By examining every single problem we came up with and outlined our idea, taking into consideration the sanitization of objects and clothing. The idea is to introduce modular wardrobes into the classrooms as real sanitizers of clothing and other personal objects.

Sanitization happens through germicidal lamps that use a sterilization method called ultraviolet germicidal radiation (UVGI). The "bulbs" present in these devices emit category C UV ultraviolet rays ( called UV-C, also present in sunlight) characterized by a very short wavelength, usually around 2537 Angstroms.
When UV-C ultraviolet rays target microorganisms such as viruses or bacteria, they are able to trigger mutations in their molecular characteristics, in particular on DNA and RNA, thus killing pathogens or making them substantially harmless.

The wardrobes will be positioned in the most appropriate places so that they can respect the architectural barriers.
The colors, dimensions and arrangements will be designed according to the different needs required.
Schools, kindergartens, offices, gyms, rest homes and medical offices will have these individual spaces at their disposal where they can leave their clothes and personal items in absolute safety, as the opening of the locker will take place simply with the approach a badge or a bracelet with electronic device in front of the sensor.
Once the wardobes is unlocked, the opening / closing is done through the use of the foot, as the door is equipped with an ergonomic recess that allows the push-pull action; in doing so, the user will not use his hands to open the wardrobe n this way he will not coming into contact with surfaces that could be contaminated.

Team: Cardellini Camilla - Ferranti SaraTeam: Cardellini Camilla - Ferranti SaraTeam: Cardellini Camilla - Ferranti SaraTeam: Cardellini Camilla - Ferranti Sara

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