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Coronavirus Design Competition

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Victoria del Palacio Carro, Pilar Córdova González, Ana Fernández Fernández

ID: 819

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ID: 819
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Due to the lack of sanitary resources available because of the Covid-19 and the excess of free time during quarantine, we propose a solution in order to use this “free” time for the benefit of society. This is how Sav-e was created, an application that seeks to cover this need, connecting people and generating a cycle of community aid within the state of alarm.

Sav-e is an altruistic app, aimed at any user who wants to cooperate in community, providing services and materials. It achieves this by connecting people who are close to each other so that they can interact, either by requesting or offering help.

The app shows different projects in which you can participate. Each project has a description of the product you are requesting, as well as the required information so that it can be manufactured from home, either drawings with measurements or video tutorials. In addition, it must include the materials and tools necessary for its elaboration.

The user can help in 3 different ways: donating the final product, donating material for its manufacture or manufacturing the product from home.
Thanks to this several things are achieved:
- The supply of the needed products.
- The re-use of common materials available at home.
- Productive and supportive use of free time, which generates mental and physical health.

Example. We assume that a nursing home needs 500 fabric masks to improve measures and prevent covid-19 infection of both its residents and workers. This residence, as an organization, will open a new project where it will specify the amount of material needed (fabric, thread, rubber, etc) for the whole project. At the same time, you will be able to add any type of tutorial, measurement plan and important information for the user to develop this project.
As soon as the organization fills in all the fields, the project will be visible to all the users of the application, being constantly updated with the donations.
A user A decides that, taking into account the time he has, the knowledge and his sewing machine, he is going to make fabric masks to help the community. But he does not have some necessary materials, such as the fabric.
Sav-e will put user A in contact with user B, who does not have the knowledge or skills needed to make such masks but has a large amount of fabric, which he will donate to user A. At this point, user A will be able to start making the fabric masks.
Once this process is finished, he will donate this product to the project of his choice (only those projects that really need fabric masks will appear), thus closing a cycle of cooperation and help to the nursing home that opened the project.

Sav-e could also be used as a database and statistics for the government to ensure a good supply of all kinds of products needed in any national emergency. In a safe situation, it can be used for the exchange of objects encouraging recycling.

Victoria del Palacio Carro, Pilar Córdova González, Ana Fernández FernándezVictoria del Palacio Carro, Pilar Córdova González, Ana Fernández FernándezVictoria del Palacio Carro, Pilar Córdova González, Ana Fernández FernándezVictoria del Palacio Carro, Pilar Córdova González, Ana Fernández Fernández

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