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Jack Theunissen

ID: 814

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ID: 814
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My design is meant to give a Covid-19 patients a way to stay mentally healthy. Because if you might be infected by Covid-19 you would be stuck in a hospital and not be able to leave so my design should be able to fix that. Using this renovation technique to make Hospital rooms better for Covid-19 patients. My first photo shows the room that the patient will be in. It is a room with a odd looking bed with a desk that has a keyboard hooked up to a television, this is meant to help the patient get work done and socialize with people through Skype, Zoom, and another way I will discuss latter.

This room also has plant and is painted in natural colours to keep the patient happy and with a mural of nature above the desk. you might be wondering how the patient will go to the washroom they will have diapers on and if the are used you can pull out a draw and put it in and it will be scent to the chemical waste section of the hospital. For the second photo it shows the entry way to the patients room.

In front of the room shows the main hall that connects all the rooms together and a small hallway for the doctors to get dressed in proper clothing and then enter through a set of double doors. For the thrid photo this shows an area for families to go one at a time and either look through the windows (as seen in the first photo) and wave. Now continuing what I said earlier the guest could go onto the lap tap and have a skype call with the patient.

Jack TheunissenJack TheunissenJack TheunissenJack Theunissen

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