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Coronavirus Design Competition

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Erick Daniel Pano Paniagua, Christina Weber, Daniel Scherzer

ID: 811

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ID: 811
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Corona crisis hit us hard, even when the conventional hygiene measures are well known, we still fail as a society to follow under “normal” circumstances. A high percentage of diseases are transmitted through contact, most of them, coming from our hands.
There can be found up to 150 different germs on our hands, the WHO estimates that 80% of all conventional diseases are transmitted through the hands. Especially in times of Covid-19 it becomes clear which important role hand hygiene plays in the containment of diseases. At the same time I identified the problems associated with conventional hand disinfection:

- Alcohol and chemicals strain the skin, in some people up to severe allergic reactions.
- The use is particularly dangerous for children, disinfectants can be swallowed, get into the eyes and its flammable.
- People with disabilities may have difficulty using disinfectants properly.
- Personnel are required to refill the disinfection dispenser, use in public places is usually difficult.
- In the wake of the Corona crisis, the supply of disinfectants could not be ensured for a long time due to the high demand.
- Millions of empty disinfectant bottles end up on the trash every year.
I introduce a concept for a hand sanitizer device, which solely works with light and eliminates these problems from the equation. The special wavelength of UV-C light does not harm the skin but eliminates all known pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2 and MRSA.
The product offers an easy, safe and effective way for hand disinfection within seconds. Its universal designed is user friendly, does not require maintenance and avoids packaging waste.  
The severeness of the current public healthcare situation open doors for new applications, new business models and possibilities for new technologies to be exploited, thus, the design for the hand-sanitizer device represents the need for innovation and the urge of relieving the problems that we face as a community. This is my contribution to the society, always hoping for a better tomorrow.

Erick Daniel Pano Paniagua, Christina Weber, Daniel ScherzerErick Daniel Pano Paniagua, Christina Weber, Daniel ScherzerErick Daniel Pano Paniagua, Christina Weber, Daniel ScherzerErick Daniel Pano Paniagua, Christina Weber, Daniel Scherzer

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