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Ghaith Alrahwanji

ID: 808

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ID: 808
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On the 25th of March, a video from Mallorca went viral online for a group of policemen in Spain trying to entertain locals in a small neighborhood, while being confined to their homes as part of the quarantine to stop the Covid-19 spread. A very simplistic theatrical performance composed of two actors, one is the outdoor performers on stage (policemen), second is the indoor confined audience (the citizens). This simple scenario of the video inspired my modest imagination to visualize and reinterpret it in a single holistic structure that combines both events aforementioned in nearly the same way to some extent. Individual masses that detach and attach to each other, forming a single structure of multiple events that are combined to a single atmosphere of interchangeability.

11 blocks stacked on top of each other to form a pixelated mountain with a core open yard in the middle. Each block holds a different function within, sometimes repeated to host larger amount of people elsewhere while maintain limited number for safety. Programmatically the building responds to 3 key concepts: Productivity, fun and profit. The ground floor hosts social and profitable spaces. B1+B3/ a serving coffee bar with few high bar tables only, to prevent putting chairs and sitting longer. B2/ ping pong and pool tables. B4/ meetings area and art gallery space, by reservation from potential companies or artists, with foldable partitions to support any of both events. This area can be used during evening to display movies for people to sit on their materials and enjoy.

While in the first floor B5+B7/ are both dedicated for students and workers. Instead of working alone from home, individuals have the opportunity to work in a better more productive environment, being surrounded by other people who share same situation. B6/ is a kindergarten where kids hangout and play, it’s important that kids stay surrounded by other since they suffer being away from school, while according to studies they are less vulnerable to the virus. B8/ is a workshop, a space for artisans or students from any creative department, whom can benefit from tables dedicated for this purpose. Finally, the second floor consists of 3 blocks, it’s a space for health and wellness, some may have treadmills while other is for yoga and fitness groups.

As seen in drawings, the structure allows vertical accessibility via single staircases for each side or set of blocks together and that can limit large number of people in one space. The user would use a single outer route to access their space and same for going out. While the center yard can host music performers and gather people all together safely in the multiple terraces the structure introduce. The blocks are covered with mesh steel to give shade from sunlight while keep a clear and elegant unified surface.

As to sum up, the concept of the design is likely to gather multiple programs which we practice individually in the lockdown, but rather in an interconnected and more healthy environment.

Ghaith AlrahwanjiGhaith AlrahwanjiGhaith AlrahwanjiGhaith Alrahwanji

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