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Ing. Arch. Rossella Celano

ID: 807

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ID: 807
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Hexagonal Garden Buildings
“Human beings are social animals, and the tenor of someone's social life is one of the most important influences on their mental and physical health.”1
Based on this sentence, SOCIALIZATION is part of human DNA and should be guaranteed even if we must keep us safe respecting the new social distancing guidelines. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted its importance inside our cities and buildings; we cannot forget that all over the world, while locked down under quarantine, neighbors played music together on their balconies and found connection in their improvised concerts. Balconies represented the only way to get in touch with other people, without an electronic support.
In response to this, the project aims to create private GARDENS and front yards where people can share their spare time with neighbors, while keeping themselves safe also thanks to glass balustrades. These hanging gardens give the opportunity to stay outside, in touch with NATURE, getting regular EXERCISE in order to prevent psychological distress and physical diseases.
The project is about a modular construction with hexagonal shape, each module juxtaposed to the other in an ordered chaos, to create neighborhoods; they are collocated in a way that each family has a gardens at a different levels from neighbors, with whom having just a visual connection and not a physical one.
The residential module should have a MUDROOM, which represents the front line in the war against the spread of the virus; as a matter of fact, it is the place where people should clean themselves, CHANGE CLOTHES AND SHOES before getting into the house and wear INDIVIDUAL PROTECTION DEVICES before going out.
This kind of house must have at least TWO BATHROOMS, one dedicated to a potential sick person. The use of SLIDING WALLS aims to create SEPARATED SPACES AND BEDROOMS FOR SICK PEOPLE and protect the caregivers; they also allow all rooms to be easily equipped for domiciliary treatments.
Since fresh air and sunlight help to reduce infection risk, all the rooms should have huge windows to provide adequate VENTILATION AND LIGHTING.
The neighborhoods should have technological equipment, such as PNEUMATIC WASTE COLLECTION SYSTEM, with a dedicated trash can for sick people, solar and photovoltaic installation, that allow people to continue their daily life even if in quarantine or sick.

1 “How Important Is Your Social Life?”, PSYCHOLOGY TODAY.

Ing. Arch. Rossella CelanoIng. Arch. Rossella CelanoIng. Arch. Rossella CelanoIng. Arch. Rossella Celano

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