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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Ivaylo Velchev

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ID: 521
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Notre Dame Garden
Concerning French art:

If we look back at the French past we could very easily spot a rather interesting pattern when it comes to French art. The ever changing political affairs as well as dominant ideas of their time did not really have a massive impact on the approach which artist undertook to create. It appears art has always been loud and clear – otherwise Notre Dame would be nothing more than a humble chapel, the ‘Street Lamp’ (irony) in the centre of Paris would be long dismantled and the palace of Versailles would be indistinguishable from any common stables. There must be a reason for all this extravagance.

My design:

What really stunned me when the events with Notre Dame took place was not so much of the fire but what happened afterwards. It was difficult for me to believe that in a time of religious disinterest and political division citizen actually united for once. My design is concerned about this act of donation and unity. The timber structure that covers the newly formed space represents us – all different, all going our own ways, but still revolving around the idea of the recovery of the lost history. (Please note the structure does not represent any physical or ethnic differences)

Secondary theme of this design covers the environmental agenda. As we know climate change is real and getting ever more serious. With that said, a public garden with hanging vegetation where a visitor is surrounded by nature would be, in my opinion, a good commercial on what is really important nowadays. Although a certain degree of homage to the past has been employed the design has nothing to do with religion. I believe the new proposal should serve the needs for the current and future generations instead of romanticised dogmas of irrelevance. Also, the design is not a protest of the current social status – ‘popular’ proposals like the Louis Vutton, the car park or even Norman Foster’s replica of the Reichstag are simple not worthy for one of the national symbols of France.

The new tower - The flower of Paris:

It is commonly understood that fire is connected with destruction, because of it things we know seize to be. I think differently – I think fire could be a metaphor for a new beginning. That is why on the place of the fallen tower I would place a new one. It is only natural that a blossoming flower could be the replacement.

Ivaylo VelchevIvaylo VelchevIvaylo VelchevIvaylo Velchev

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