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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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George Zong

ID: 520

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ID: 520
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The concept of this design stems from the idea of the long road of progress. To delve straight into the design elements, the spire can be said to be separated into two sections. The top section consists of pyramids that emerge out of a hexagonal base. The pyramids become increasingly taller with the tallest one facing straight North. This symbolises a desire to seek progress in the direction of the truth. This section rests on top of three volumes that are stacked together in a twisted fashion. Each section is twisting in a direction opposite to the adjacent one. These three sections represent the outdated regime of the three estates of the French society. The twisting form represents the long struggles that are opposing in direction with each estate. The bottom bloc represents the peasant and working class, whom start off as a rounded circle but is soon twisted to be a square at the top to be able to hold up the nobility and the clergy. The six pyramids on the top represents that truth and science triumphs the orthodox thinking and more literally, the five republics established in France while the sixth one, the tallest one, is an ideal that is strived to be achieved and is a goal to be working towards. A cylindrical cross is placed between the second and top blocs of the bottom section tilted to ten degrees, a shadow to the ten commandments that shall guide the people and the nation to the truth. As for the glass roof, the outermost areas are of the same geometry as the original roof. However, all four of the roof sinks in towards the middle. This represents that the state shall be reminded that the people are at their core. The state should always gravitate towards the interest of the people to build a stable nation that can emerge as the sixth pyramid does on top pointing to the north.The interior of the glass roof will have canvas louvres that are adaptable and adjustable to the sunlight. The interior of the spire will be accessible but limited. The load of the spire will be distributed through slanted beams on the interior.

George ZongGeorge ZongGeorge ZongGeorge Zong

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