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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Houiji Ramzi

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ID: 506
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At the beginning of the Christian era, it would have existed at the present location of Notre-Dame de Paris, a certain Gallo-Roman pagan temple dedicated to Jupiter. The construction of the church was carried out in several stages and periods. It underwent a first fire around 1225 - 1230. Viollet-le-duc had handled the repairs of the damage and the necessary restorations that were carried out according to the new bases of modern architecture. The end of the 18th century was marked by a turbulent period for notre dame de paris. The French revolution did not spare the building that was targeted that it was in such a state that it was planned to destroy it, but it always came out unscathed with systematic embellishments and new improvements. In April 2019, a major fire broke out inside the cathedral’s structure and spread rapidly. The flames destroy the entire spire, roof, nave, transept and frame. When it collapses, the spire causes the vault of the transept frame, a portion of the North Arm vault, and that of the span of the nave to collapse. The idea: The structure of the cathedral is commonly called the forest. Thus, the main idea of the project is to further strengthen and root this appellation in the minds by making it a reality on the ground, a flat or cascading roof with a concrete slab that supports an accessible roof garden. The green roof of the building will also be an extension of the surrounding green space. The vault and spire designed by Viollet-le-duc can be replaced by a steel and glass structure with a contemporary geometry elevated to the sky. A tapered shape, inspired by the motifs found in the cathedral’s glass windows. A colorful light illuminates the night sky of Paris.

Houiji RamziHouiji RamziHouiji RamziHouiji Ramzi

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