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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Gitenis Umbrasas & Aistis Pakstas

ID: 504

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ID: 504
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Explanation of the proposal for the reconstruction of the burning roof and tower at Notre Dame de Paris: Based on the athanor, the alchemical furnace, which symbolizes the principle of spiritual transformationwe offer:to understand Notre Dame's fire, not as a tragedy, but as a crown; to build a sculpture of burning Joan of Arc in the place of the burnt tower.Such a position would allow us to understand that the apocalyptic fire tragedy can be perceived as LOVE crowning of the main cathedral in Paris.The executed 19-year-old girl, like a phoenix, rising from the ashes, symbolizes the resurrection to a new life, testifying to eternal faith and love.God sacrificed his son, Abraham was forced to survive the chosen tragedy without a choice, the young woman went into the fire for her faith and country. There is a list of known or unknown victims at every age.It was a Notre Dame disaster today but we see the acts of terror and disrespect to cultural heritage almost every day. The whole world is on fire.We would like to suggest that the tragedy of the burnt roof is iswould be is meaningful. Will we try to hide the traces of fire?Do we have the courage to convey reality?The medieval cathedral is decorated with stunning stained glass. We offer a slow kaleidoscope which is similar to kinetic stained glass to be installed into Joan of Arc sculpture. At the top of the sculpture, a minimalist nimbus can become a viewing platform. People can take the elevator to the top of the sculpture.The Notre-Dame burnt roof can be reconstructed using stained glass compositions from Joan of Arc's life and burning scenes. At night, red light may fall through the stained glass. Since the French Senate has decided to rebuild the roof as it was before the fire, we suggest that you consider building a chapel at the Cathedral or Joan of Arc sculpture. Remember the fire. Project manager, artist: Gitenis Umbrasas Architect: Aistis Pakstas copyright protected ©

Gitenis Umbrasas & Aistis PakstasGitenis Umbrasas & Aistis PakstasGitenis Umbrasas & Aistis PakstasGitenis Umbrasas & Aistis Pakstas

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