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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Pankratieva Ioulia, Gandrabur Konstantin

ID: 486

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ID: 486
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TIMELESS Through time, the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris carried a symbol of faith, humanism and beauty. Stone by stone different generations of builders folded its walls, applying technology appropriate time. It is very important for us to preserve the cathedral's recognizable and time-honored silhouette, and also its proportions. Today it is a symbol that we find in many works of literature, painting, in photos of tourists and in people's hearts. We propose to preserve it, as well as all the characteristic elements and sculptural decoration of the roof, but to use the latest French technology in the field of composite materials to restore the lost elements. New generation composites that meet the demands of time, sustainable development. Ash, charred elements of the former structure and roof can be integrated composite material and remain an integral part of the Cathedral.The composite is lightweight and quick to build from pre-prepared elements, which will not create unnecessary load on existing structures and quickly solve the problem of preservation of internal space. The use of modern "cellules solaires", thin and integrated into the composite, will allow the use of solar energy to regulate the temperature inside the cathedral at different times and will contribute to its preservation and increase the comfort of arrival believers and tourists. Accumulated energy and the use of a compilation of composite films on the roof material, will allow under certain climatic conditions to see in the evening the effect of "moirage" and to draw attention to the Cathedral in the evening The contrast of the rarity of such a natural phenomenon, its variability and durability and inertia of the composite will be a symbolic reminder of the changing and fragile world and the Faith of the retaining value of man.

Pankratieva Ioulia, Gandrabur KonstantinPankratieva Ioulia, Gandrabur KonstantinPankratieva Ioulia, Gandrabur KonstantinPankratieva Ioulia, Gandrabur Konstantin

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