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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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BMS architects

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ID: 471
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Notre Dame is the most visited monument in Paris after the Eiffel Tower, it is the second most visited church in Europe after San Pietro in Rome, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a symbol of Paris with 12 million visitors a year, it is imaginary collective, is the "zero point" from which the distances of the whole country are calculated, is the monstrous fantasy of the gargoyl, is the custody of Christian relics and of the largest pipe organ in Europe. Precisely because it is all this and more, Notre Dame cannot be just this but so much more. He cannot live from the past of a contemporary project that projects it into the future, still preserving it for ever and ever. Good architectures have at one time expanded by their very nature, embodied by the Vitruvian firmitas; the great architectures are destined to extend this time to infinity going beyond the firmitas, the utilitas and the venustas because the man of every time will never be able to imagine a present and a future of which they are no longer part of it. Thus, even if they catch fire, razed by bombings or earthquakes, they are rebuilt to be restored to that future of which they were already part. For us, re-proposing the past by mocking choices of an era that was no longer his, makes less sense than proposing it to the future with an additional benefit that still preserves it as a place for men to feel close to God. From here the idea of conceiving the last level as a cloud, a place suspended between the earth and the sky on which it is possible to walk and pause in the "garden of Eden" (a large greenhouse) listening to the "choir of angels" (the dining room) concert). Hence the idea of a transparent ETFE cover.

BMS architectsBMS architectsBMS architectsBMS architects

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