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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Pan meng & Li song bo

ID: 470

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ID: 470
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In this design, we hope that the restoration will become part of the historical value of Notre Dame in Paris. In the process of restoration, the roof will become a pavilion for people to witness the restoration process. The new circular structure will also become a symbol of the restoration process from the structural support (scaffolding) of the restoration. Through public participation, the rehabilitation activities will connect Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris more closely with the Parisian citizens. As the restoration works proceed step by step, the original temporary materials are gradually replaced, and the fine polished stone and wood are replaced by temporary materials. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has gradually restored its original appearance after a long period of restoration work. The restored roof was converted into a museum to display precious cultural relics. The glass corridor, originally used to be part of repairing structure of the restoration of the building, became an ornamental place overlooking the skyline of the ancient city of Paris. Notre Dame de Paris was endowed with new functions of the times and was reborn.

Pan meng & Li song boPan meng & Li song boPan meng & Li song boPan meng & Li song bo

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