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Notre-Dame Design Competition

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Sadegh Behdani

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ID: 467
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Notre Dame Cathedral Church of Notre dame is one of the largest religious structures the universe and one of the best examples of light architecture French gothic .nowadays, the church of Notre Dame has preserved its original grace and dignity It is the most enchanting tourist attractions of Paris. So, paying attention to maintenance and maintenance the monument , which is considered to be the national and cultural events of France, is one of the requirements. Gothic architecture, one of the styles is in architectural history, a religious style that is always in service it has been. And has three dominant approaches. The structural, visual approach ,the symbolic .In the design it has been proposed for the ceiling and church tower, attention to the type of architecture as well as the prevailing attitude of this kind of architectural style. From:- Use of rock materials and glass in the proposed design (structural approach)- The use of light and dynamic form in the proposed scheme (visual approach) provides the form of the Church form from the totality of the flat and settled into a vibrant light and dynamic space mission.- Using the statue of Jesus Christ in the ceiling of the church (symbolic approach), the statue of the statue is the standing state of Jesus Christ, with his left hand pointing to the sky and pointing his right hand towards heaven.Since the church building is on Earth as a house of God, the church stands for a divine image, a heavenly city where St. John in the Bible and St. Augustine in the city of God serves as a final destination to those who are blessed. Make out the face of the other world. In the proposed scheme it is represented by the statue of Christ, the symbol of a material being, and the use of glass materials due to the transparency and apparent exposure of the tower, and of all the more fundamental to the sky at its peak of its glory by building the sublime face, from the confines of the world, calculated and calculated.

Sadegh BehdaniSadegh BehdaniSadegh BehdaniSadegh Behdani

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